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He says he lost the feelings he had for me

I’ve been in a LDR for 5 months.

We loved each other to bits. And both of us have said many a times that the other person was the one and we were, and still are, both sure we never felt anything like this for anyone else.

And now he’s broken it off with me. A few days ago he told me the feelings were gone. I didn’t make his stomach flip and his heart turn anymore. About 3 weeks before, however, he still wrote me a long letter about how much he loved me and how lucky he felt to have me in his life and that nothing and no one would ever tear us apart.

But I guess I now shouldn’t question his feelings, if he says they’re gone, he believes this is true and me questioning it will probably just make him feel misunderstood.

Now, I admit that lately our relationship was getting kinda “dull.” We still called every night, but sometimes just had silences. The silences made me feel insecure and eventually we’d just end up having a fight. Also we kinda ran out of new things to do and say. If only I had discovered your website sooner…

When he broke it off with me, he said that if he could press a button and love me again like he used to, he would. I went away for a few days and we haven’t really been in contact much. I wanted to give him some space. Yesterday we spoke on MSN again. It was an okay talk, but we acted around each other like friends do. We did agree to call tomorrow night to talk about things.

Now, I really want to give a go. I want him to feel it all again. But I’m not really sure on how to do that…

Also, I’m kinda afraid that tomorrow he’ll agree on trying it again, but that he really already closed the chapter for himself. And that even if he says he’s trying, he’ll still continue treating me like a friend and that he’ll deny it when he does feel something again. Many questions, many fears. We had something wonderful, but I’m afraid it might be broken forever…


Michelle says…

Wow, it’s hard when the other person doesn’t give a reason for losing feelings. You didn’t do anything wrong, he didn’t do anything wrong, but he decides to end it. I think it’s odd that not too long ago he was professing undying love and then all of a sudden it is all lost. If he really felt those feelings, I think it may be worth a shot to try and make that connection with him again. He got bored with the relationship, but that doesn’t mean you should give up and throw it all away because you get bored. Everyone gets bored every once in awhile! It’s not something to break up over though.

You said you’ve been together 5 months. So you’re really in that “make or break” stage of your relationship. Around this time the “romantic” phase of a relationship ends and both people become more comfortable in the relationship. You don’t try as hard to impress and the lust you felt in the beginning is not quite so strong anymore. This is where you figure out if you’re relationship is going to be serious or not. Maybe he ended the relationship before it could get serious? Perhaps your boyfriend might have some commitment issues as well and doesn’t want things to be as serious as you would like? That might be something to talk about with him. Either way, I think you need a more honest answer for why he wants to break up. He kind of left you in the dust there.

If you intend to try to rekindle your relationship, make it be known. You don’t want to be trying to get back together with him and being friendly, only to have him mistaken it for you being okay with the break-up and that you just want to be friends like he does.

Tell him how you feel. Tell him you know things got boring, but that you believe that you both can work on it to get back what you two once had. Ask for a chance; a trial period to see if he can gain back is “lost” feelings.

If you are able to get him interested in being in a relationship with you again, don’t stop working to keep your relationship going. And keep in mind that this is a two-way street. He has to contribute some effort as well.

I wish you the best of luck! I hope you get the answers you deserve.


Frank says…

If you really want to be with him, and I mean really think it is worth the effort, and feel he is the only person in the world for you, then do what it takes to get him to fall back in love with you. The hardest reason to dispute for a break up is “I have lost feelings for you”. There really is no way you can argue them wrong. Either they have feelings or they don’t. Then, the break-up is due to the lack of feelings, but no one ever addresses the causes of the lack of feelings. Does he feel that there is no spark? What gave him that spark before? Does he feel that you two do not have fun like you used to? What happened before that was fun, and can you do it again, or can you find a suitable replacement?

What I am saying is that you need to find out why he feels it is over. This means you need to talk to him. First, tell him to spare your feelings. You need honesty. You need him to tell you what he really feels because that is the only way you will get a solution. The “I wish I could love you” excuse is pointless. It only makes the situation worse. Either you love the person and want to be with them, or you don’t love the person and don’t want to be with them. So he has to tell you if he loves you, but is afraid of commitment, or he loves you but he knows that he wants to be with someone else. Or, he has to tell you that he really doesn’t love you anymore and he knows it is over, but he was trying to spare your feelings.

It is very unfortunate that you obviously don’t feel that the relationship should be over, but it is. So you have one last chance to get the truth out of him. How he feels, without any dancing around the root cause. There is a chance he hasn’t figured it out, so be prepared to give him some time. But you need a real reason. So, question his feelings, just be sure to not dispute his feelings. He feels what he feels (i.e. if he feels bored and you feel excited, there is nothing you can say that will make him change his feelings, so do not argue about that). Be prepared to listen, and know that this solution might take a few days of talking.

On a final note, think about people you know of have heard about with on again, off again relationships. Do you want to be “yo-yo-ing” back and forth with him and not with him. Really figure out, with him, if the feelings are totally gone, and can’t be brought back, then you two should just end it and keep it ended. Break-ups are tough, but a hard talk and strong conviction can help you two get through it and determine the best path.


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  1. This is about the guy that I've been chatting for four years, after a long conversation he revealed suddenly that he has girlfriend. It's hurt 'coz I'm almost falling for him, but overtime I know life must go on for me. After telling me he's in a relationship I lose the spark with him anymore. Only we have so much good memories to remember. He's kinda confusing, coz eventhough we fight at times he told me he can't forget me and he can't stop contact with me. At first it was so painful to hear, coz he's my only inspiration I ignored lots of guys because of him hoping that if I only look up the positive out look in life and makes effort everything will tend to happen. But it's tiring now.

  2. Well me and my boyfriend broke up and we where together for 5 months and he said he losted feelings and that he was tried of arguing but I thought the arguing made us stronger. He smoked weed and I made him stop because I wanted him healthy and I didn't like it, but I guess he didn't see that but I made him choose weed or me and he choose me but 2 months later He broke up with me and I don't know. Why?? His mom and mine got in an big argument and his mom told my mom he would not come back over my house and he's 16 and we thought u could be 16 to move out your parents house but it's not…. He told him mom he was moving out so he could be with me but then his mom came and got him and he was crying and saying he loved me that he didn't want what was happinin come between us and that I was the only person he wanted. But when he got home he changed, and he broke up with me. He said he losted feelings but before he left me house he said he loved me and was crying. But then 48 hours later he said he didn't love me anymore or that he wanted nun to do with me but I don't know why. It wasn't his parents because they said we could still date but he ended it. He's telling others people I stopped him from doing what he liked meaning (weed) it's been 6 days know from when we broke up and he said he's over me and that he wants nothing to do with me. But I don't know why???? He says he doesn't think about me.

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