All Things Uncertain

Dear Miss U,
My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and 6 months now, and most of it has been long distance. I live in the UK and he lives in America. I’ve tried to move there before but things didn’t work out for me, so I was hoping he’d consider moving here, just at least consider it. However, he recently told me out of the blue that he’s already planned to go to a different city in America to pursue his dreams and nothing about him visiting me or even looking for a job here… [read more]

Keep It Civil

Dear Miss U,
He used to call and send me video messages. Now it’s reduced to just texting via Facebook, WhatsApp and Viber. He promised to come visit in December last year. He did not push through. Promised to visit in March, did not push through. Now I am visiting him in the USA. He seems too busy to plan anything. He said we’d be together for two weeks. Now it’s down to just 6 days. I don’t understand. Is our love ending? I am seriously hurting… [read more]

Blatant Bias

Dear Miss U,
So I have a tendency of always destroying any relationship I have with another person. But I have been talking to this guy for about 2 years now, and he seems to be the perfect guy (I know I’m not the best at picking guys, but we just automatically clicked). The only problem is that he lives all the way in Nevada, and I live in Arizona. We know that we like each other and we have Snapchatted, Skyped, and etc, but is it worth getting in a LDR? [read more]



Dear Miss U,
My LDR boyfriend recently broke up with me. He was a very insecure boy who always thought I would leave him, although I never had such intentions. Here at uni, I found a friend, a boy. We used to study together and hang out at night. I never developed feelings for him though. One late night after studying and hanging out alone, he gave me a hug. I knew my boyfriend would hate it, but I told my bf, the truth anyway. He immediately broke up with me… [read more]


Dear Miss U,
I have been in this relationship for 18 months and only spoke to him twice on the phone. We’ve never Skyped yet, chatted on FB where he invited me and now chatting on Whatsapp. I have been asking, “When we are going to Skype?” but he always says I must be patient, however, he is very good chatting on Whatsapp… chats morning, afternoon, and at night… [read more]

Living Now

Dear Miss U,
So I’m very nervous about my girlfriend coming up in 53 days. We are both parents and agreed to stay in a hotel (I’m a single father and nobody but my mother, whom I currently assist, can help watch my son) and not have kids apart of this first visit… What are some tips we could use to calm our nerves? To make meeting seem less nerve racking… [read more]

You Can’t Know Unless You Try

Dear Miss U,
So, 2 years ago, I fell in love with this guy who was more than a thousand miles away. We loved each other by a lot but my parents never liked the idea of me dating anyone because they believed that my education was more important, so we kept our relationship a secret from everyone. We dated for a while but after that, he broke up with me because the distance was too much and we grew distant but we still talked to each other. We were mostly on and off but we definitely loved each other. A few months ago we stopped talking to each other because he told me to move on and that caused a fight and I didn’t talk to him until 1-2 months ago when he told me the tragic news that he had cancer… [read more]

Forget Marriage

Dear Miss U,
So my ex-boyfriend broke up with me yesterday over text because we were a long distance relationship and I know I’m going to have a hard time coping with it. I know I am currently really young and everyone is saying that I can find someone else but I really don’t think I want anyone else. I just want him. He said that he has no feelings anymore but when I asked if there’s a chance to get back together in the future he said “there always will be” but why would he say that if he has no feelings for me? Will I ever get him back? [read more]

Chill Out

Dear Miss U,
I met this sailor when he came to the base in my hometown when he was on leave from Japan. The past month we have spent every weekend together doing total couple things. He would take me out to dinner and a movie, or bowling, or mini golfing, or we would lay in my bed at watch movies and cuddle all day… [read more]

Lovers and Fighters

In the beginning, he used to say really cute things to me, and he wanted to FaceTime almost every night and call. He still texts me every morning, but he seems more interested in making sure he gets to Skype his buddies at night than me. I’m always the one calling or sending FaceTime/Skype invites. I get insecure very easily, and I don’t want that to affect our relationship, but… [read more]