Dear Miss You,
…He has only one flaw: he’s very self-conscious and I always have a hard time making him Skype with me or send me pictures. He could send me pictures of everything and everyone around him but himself. For some reason, he has always been afraid I would leave him because he’s not “handsome enough” for me. I must admit he’s not very handsome, but he is very good looking. And besides, I love him, there’s no one else in the world I would rather be with… [read more]

Being a Support Person

Dear Miss U,
I’ve been in a pretty solid LDR with someone for about 1.5 months, and I couldn’t be happier. We have a lot in common and we’ve also been intimate on a few occasions when he visited me at my university. The only thing is, (besides living an hour from my university and 3+ hours from my hometown) he has very poor self-esteem. I basically tell him he is perfect, sweet and amazing all the time. Recently, when he got down on himself, he said, “Truthfully, nothing will probably happen between us because I’m a scumbag loser who won’t get a career in anything.” [read more]

Sad Songs Say So Much

Dear Miss U,
I recently lost my dad in the summer and went through a divorce. I met this man who was the most amazing man ever but he lives 1,800 miles away. We have been having a long distance relationship and every time I leave I feel so sad. How long should we wait before thinking about the future? I currently live with my mother but I don’t know if he’s willing to relocate. I feel guilty about leaving my mother and not sure what to do, but losing my dad the way I did made me realize how short life is and I want to be happy. Do I take a risk or live a life of loneliness to keep the peace at home? [read more]

Lovers’ Quarrel

Dear Miss U,
My SO have been together for 4 months now, and we’ve talked about many things. We’ve been happy a lot, but we’ve also argued a lot as well. Is this normal? We point out things that hurt or upset us, and then it starts. We usually have great days, but usually, after the sun goes down, something little sometimes will set one of us off… [read more]

Being a Team

Dear Miss U,
My boyfriend visited recently and he told me he won’t be back for a long while due to the expenses. I know this trip put a dent in his wallet and I appreciate that he came out. He isn’t being cheap out selfishness as he spoiled me when I visited him, granted we didn’t go all out or anything. He feels bad that the travel will be one-sided and feels like he can’t reciprocate… [read more]

The Best You’ve Ever Had

Dear Miss U,
Today is the day that my SO left me for the next 5 months… We are both at head over heels in love, but I am still insecure… So far our relationship has been great, we love each other and managed to keep it going through 5 months and a trip she took to Ireland that lasted 2 months. My problem is: She likes to party and is way too good of a person to people, which results in her not telling guys to f**** off when they start flirting with her… [read more]

Trust, Monogamy & Youth

Dear Miss U,
Three years ago I met my girlfriend online and we had so many things in common and we’ve been inseparable from the beginning. We were and still are extremely young and stupid. We’ve made it work for two years, working summers to pay for plane tickets and spending holidays with each other. It’s only an hour flight to get to her and I make it whenever I can afford it, but with school it is extremely hard. We devote most of our time and money to each other. We’re starting to burn out. The week-long visits every couple months aren’t enough for her anymore and recently there’s been some cheating but I don’t blame her… [read more]

No How to Know How

Dear Miss U,
So my boyfriend’s prom is coming up and, well, he said yes to her. How can I tell him I’m not okay with that? At the same time I want him to enjoy it and I don’t want to be a buzz kill. What can I do? …[read more]

Only The Lonely

Dear Miss U,
I have been in a long distance relationship for a little over a year now and most of the time it’s good. We were really close friends for over 10 years prior and we’re thousands of miles apart but I hardly feel the distance when things are good. The problem is in the way he communicates. He never picks up a FaceTime video call, and when I give him a regular call, it’s lucky when he picks up… [read more]