Submit Your Military “Day in the Life” Story

In order to have your story published, please follow the guidelines below:

Has to be written in a story format from your perspective as a wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/husband. No choppy, incomplete sentences. Try to write it in present tense.

Outline of story ideally should be:

1. Relationship bio and military history (stick to 1-2 paragraphs)
2. Morning
3. Afternoon
4. Night

NOTE: The last 3 parts (Morning, Afternoon, and Night) should be the majority of your story.

IMPORTANT! You must walk us through an actual day of your life. Don’t just briefly summarize what you usually do everyday – it takes away from the story! Emily’s story is a wonderful example.

Be creative, talk candidly about your relationship, your thoughts, etc.

Choose your own title. Titles must start with “A Day in the Life of…” But try to make your title unique and different from the other titles others have chosen.

No length limit. Please no short, choppy stories.

Please read a couple of the stories that have already been published so you get an idea of what to do.