LFAD Forum Tickers

Adding a ticker to your signature in the LFAD forum is a wonderful way to personalize your posts and share with others anniversaries, how long you’ve been in love, how long until your next visit, or even your upcoming wedding date.

Below are a few websites where you can build tickers. Be sure to copy the BBCODE provided (uses brackets and is specifically for online forums), any other type of code is not allowed on the forum and will not display your ticker correctly.

Daisy Path

Ticker Factory

The Nest (wedding anniversary tickers)


Once you have copied the BBCODE for your ticker, log into the LFAD Forum and go to Settings > Edit Signature. Paste code. Save Signature. Done! 🙂

NOTE: There is a minimum post count requirement you must meet before a signature or link can be added to your signature.

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